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Here you will find online stores that sell their products in our online mall.
If you are interested in having your online store here, read more about our service further down this page!

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A lot has changed in the digital world since we started in 2000 (!). But it’s basically still about people trying to reach out with their messages. The big difference is that now everyone wants to communicate with the customers. Our philosophy is actually quite simple: If you do extra good work for the customers, they will be happy and when they are happy, we are happy.

We have noticed that the demands on knowledge have increased dramatically over the years. Now you should know a lot about everything and preferably lead the development. And it does not work on it’s own, so our strategy is to work in a network with different highly skilled specialists. Within the company, we have also divided into different special areas.

Over the years, we have worked in both large and small companies, organizations and municipalities. The broad experience often helps us and our customers to a better result. We often know what works in reality and can help out adjusting in projects before it all go live.

Actually, the web world is about 3 main principles: Be found, be appreciated and sell. It may be a little different for example intranets and organizations, but good search results and good content also apply in these cases.

Now we have started a service for those who want an online store, but who do not have the time, energy, desire or knowledge to work with all the technical underlying stuff, but who just want to quickly and easily start selling products or services online.

Rent a place in our online mall and you will soon be up and running with your business! Read more here about how it works.

You are always welcome to call or email us for an unconditional discussion about your needs – or even smarter – book an online meeting so we can meet digitally as well, which is always a little nicer 🙂

If you want to know more about us and our company, welcome to our main page.